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Meet Elle

A self-made entrepreneur, Elle Kaplan arrived in New York City after college with $200, no job, and big dreams. Fast forward a decade: Elle has worked at several of the most notable banks on Wall Street, earned her MBA in Finance from Columbia University, and founded one of the most successful independent wealth management firms in the US, LexION Capital—a unique asset management firm that is woman-owned, woman-run, and woman-focused.

In addition to her role as CEO of the only 100% women-owned wealth management firm in the US, Elle is a business correspondent on the national news, a weekly columnist at Inc., and the author of soon-to-be-published book Love the Hustle. Elle is a frequent keynote speaker at conferences, events and universities across the country. Elle is often a guest on major network television, radio, and documentaries about financial markets. Her financial expertise is quoted frequently in the press, and her insight has been featured in The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, CNN Money, and many more.

Elle is...

a business correspondent on the national news.





Elle is...

a weekly columnist at Inc.

Elle is...

the author of the forthcoming book, Love the Hustle.

Elle is...

quoted daily by the press. She’s been featured in the Wall Street Journal, Forbes, CNN Money, and many more!

Building A Better Wall Street

After over a decade on Wall Street, Elle Kaplan was sorely disappointed. She searched in vain for a firm where short-term profits didn’t come at the expense of serving clients’ needs. She was tired of a business culture where women were not well-represented or respected. She believes that wealth management should be straightforward and empowering to clients, whereas most of Wall Street is set up to make things intentionally confusing and opaque.

Elle envisioned a different Wall Street, a place that was inclusive, ethical, and responsible. So in 2010, Elle set out on her own with a single vision in mind: to set a new standard in wealth management and raise the bar in the finance industry. With that mission in mind, LexION Capital Management was born.

Today, as CEO of LexION Capital—the only independent, fiduciary wealth management firm in the US that is 100% women-owned—Elle is dedicated to her mission of building a better Wall Street for all. She works to disrupt the opaque and exclusive world of Wall Street. Elle provides wealth management services and fiduciary financial advice, her way: inclusive, transparent, straightforward, and relatable.

Finance Expert

Before founding LexION Capital, Elle built a successful career at some of the most notable banks on Wall Street. With over a decade of experience in private equity, institutional trading, and asset management, Elle is a savvy investor with strong opinions.

As a finance expert, Elle’s goal is to empower people from all walks of life to take control of their financial lives.


Keynote Speaker

Personable, funny, fiery, and savvy, Elle inspires audiences to approach money and career with a fresh perspective. Elle’s humor, signature sass, and honest advice have earned her the nickname “The Wonder Woman of Wall Street.”

“There’s incredible power in owning your financial life,” Elle says. “By taking control of your finances, you can change your reality.”



With a dream of empowering people through finance and raising the bar on Wall Street, Elle founded one of the most successful independent wealth management firms in the US, LexION Capital.

Uniquely women-owned and women-run, the firm provides a fresh alternative on Wall Street. LexION opens doors to what was previously the exclusive club of boutique independent money management, making high quality, institutional level advice available to more people.

LexION Capital Management

LexION Capital is a wealth-management firm that exists with the singular mission: to serve the best interests of our members with ethical and transparent asset management services.

Create the Life You Deserve

Three clients, all independent of one another, asked me to manage their money at an independent private bank. Finally, after the third request, I said yes.

At that point, I began to slowly build LexION Capital Management. When you build something from scratch, you get to create something really special. I was able to create a firm using the ‘best of’ from every place I had ever worked.

Today LexION promotes a very pro-client culture. It’s woven into everything we do at LexION. It’s in the DNA of the firm, where our mantra is: “Would this advice be good enough for your Mom?”


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